A Snow Crash Movie?

YT From Snow Crash by Ruben Devela

Giant Freakin Robot has a piece about the director who will be working on a movie adaptation of Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson’s genre-creating novel from way back in 1992.  I have no real opinion on the director, but I really hope he can capture the sprawling, chaotic awesomeness that was the novel.  I fear that the limits of the movie form will mean that 98% of the novel will be lost in favor of a basic action movie with SF flavors.  It would be better as a trilogy, but that is perhaps too much to ask.

I’m not sure how any of Stephenson’s novels would make the transition to the screen, to be honest.  Though the The Baroque Cycle would make for a hell of a television serial.  (Oh please god do not let them make a movie out of those books).


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Space Exploration as Moody Video

I have no idea what NASA sees as the purpose of this video (fundraising?), but it pushes all my ‘like’ buttons so it seemed best to share it here.  That said, I don’t actually think that NASA will be leading the way, I think it will be competing and somewhat chaotic private interests.  Starting with some eccentric billionaires, but eventually becoming something else.

Youtube link is here

via Geekosystem.

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Journey to the Seventh Planet

A beautiful movie poster for the classic SF film Journey to the Seventh Planet.  The imagery calls up all the classic tropes of SF – bug eyed aliens, square jawed spacemen battling them.

I am intrigued by the poster’s invitation to ‘Travel X times faster than my imagination.’  Solving for X might be a challenge.

found at SciFiction

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Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome Trailer

Sadly, it appears that SyFy has not chosen to produce this series for television, but have made noises about creating a web series instead.  The 90 minute film pilot will run at some unknown time in the not too distant future, so I will look forward to that for now.

Originally seen at GFR, but it has been working its way through the internets for awhile.

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Documentary on Star Wars Toys

“Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys” is a documentary that celebrates the action figures, play sets, space ships, and props we grew up with as kids — and still collect today. Through interviews with collectors, historians, former Kenner and Hasbro employees, and others, the film explores their history, influence, and continued impact on pop culture.

Over at Plastic Galaxy Movie.

It is coming to DVD this summer, and looks like it will be interesting.  Of course, a teaser trailer shows very little, but it does bring me back to my childhood enjoyment of Star Wars toys.  Though in my case it mostly consisted of coveting the toys of my friends.

via Topless Robot

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Shuffle: A Time Slip Movie

Shuffle looks very interestingly weird, starring TJ Thynes and directed by Kurt Kuenne.

Shuffle is the tale of a man who begins experiencing his life out of order;  every day he wakes up at a different age, on a different day of his life, never knowing where or when he’s going to be once he falls asleep.  He’s terrified and wants it to stop – until he notices a pattern in his experience, and works to uncover why this is happening to him – and what or who is behind it.

via io9

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There will be a Riddick 3

I know that opinions are mixed on the Riddick series, and I found the first movie (Pitch Black) a bit implausible.  However, I really enjoyed the second movie (The Chronicles of Riddick). I am excited to learn that another live action film has finished principle photography and is now going into post-production.* Lots can still happen, but I didn’t think there would be another Riddick movie, so I’m cautiously looking forward to seeing it when it comes out..This picture is one from David Twohy’s blog celebrating the end of an apparently hectic filming schedule.  It includes Twohy and some of Santana’s crew posing between takes.

via GFR

* I didn’t know until I started writing this post that there was a 30 minute animated film called Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury.I intend to seek it out, though the fact I haven’t heard of it before now does not bode well.

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