Coming soon… Sci-fi Posters!

We are excitedly working away on a new project that will launch in a few months. Rocketship PJs is developing a poster series – that will start with one of the great science fiction classics: H.G. Wells’ ‘The Time Machine’.

It’s amazing to think that ‘The Time Machine’ was first published over 120 years ago in 1895. H.G. Wells is credited as being the first writer to really explore the concept of time travel in writing – I wonder if he knew he was creating such an evocative idea that would continue to live on in the imaginations of future generations.


But back to the posters – they’re gonna be really sharp. Hand-pulled screenprints on nice thick, acid-free paper, something to make the heart of collector go boom-boom.

We’ll keep you posted – stay tuned…

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Asteroid Apocalypse Prevention

Neil Degrasse Tyson at Wired writes about the risk of a major asteroid collision, and what we can do to prevent it.

Currently, it looks doable to develop an early-warning and defense system that could protect the human species from impactors larger than a kilometer wide. Smaller ones, which reflect much less light and are therefore much harder to detect at great distances, carry enough energy to incinerate entire nations, but they don’t put the human species at risk of extinction.

If humans one day become extinct from a catastrophic collision, we would be the laughing stock of aliens in the galaxy, for having a large brain and a space program, yet we met the same fate as that pea-brained, space program-less dinosaurs that came before us.

I am inclined to agree.  We certainly have the capacity to identify potential planet-killers and save ourselves, but we don’t exactly have a good track record of coordinated action. If we are lucky, we will have some kind of functioning asteroid mining industry in place, with indirect technological applications available to ensure that we are able to survive long enough to expand out of this fragile little basket of eggs.

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Welcome to Rocketship Pajamas

Welcome to Rocketship Pajamas.  We have big plans for this site, with a lot of work ahead of us.  For now, let me describe some of what we plan to do.

1.  Reviews.  We love science fiction in all its forms.  We plan to do book and movie reviews, as well as have a few discussions of interesting sf themed art.  While we certainly will be looking at new stuff, we will also be dredging the vaults to talk about some of the great sf of the past.

2.  Clothing and Toys.  We plan to design and share some fun, sf themed clothing and toys on our site.

3.  Posters and Collectibles.  We are planning some very cool posters and other sf themed collectibles.

4.  Random cool stuff.  Let’s face it, the internet, is full of amazing things.  We live in an age that most of our ancestors would consider fantastical science fiction.  And one of the things nobody predicted was the sheer volume of information.  Nobody could possibly find, read or see everything that interests them.  We plan to share whatever science fiction ephemera we come across, as long as it is interesting, strange or somehow fascinating.

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