Journey to the Seventh Planet

A beautiful movie poster for the classic SF film Journey to the Seventh Planet.  The imagery calls up all the classic tropes of SF – bug eyed aliens, square jawed spacemen battling them.

I am intrigued by the poster’s invitation to ‘Travel X times faster than my imagination.’  Solving for X might be a challenge.

found at SciFiction

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The Art of John Berkey

I am a big fan of John Berkey’s paintings, though the prices are very much out of my range. The images bespeak a space-borne industrial capacity that would make our current global industry look like a craft fair.  In some ways I see ventures like asteroid mining as baby steps to our grandchildren working in awesome structures like the one above.

via We Waste Time

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Space Invaders Light up Living Rooms

I like this LED floor lamp available on Etsy from Piero Minetti very much.

How does it work?
A small power led (no heat, small power consumption) reflects on the white rear, which diffuses a smooth and uniform light.

On the wider, SF aspect of things, lamps like this are appealing to a fairly narrow market, and at the price point very few would sell in a traditional storefront.  20 years ago, these lamps would not exist.  Right now, they are available over the internet and quite accessible, and so the maker gets a bit of income.  Hooray.  What will it look like 20 years from now?

Link to the product page.

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“Space Station Number 5″ Art Print by Tim Lee

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Tim Lee’s Space Station Number 5 is a 16×20 Limited Edition print of 50, selling for $50 each.  They aren’t sold out yet, but they will be soon.  Very nice artwork.  Buy it here.

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