Chompbot Print Master Images

Industria Mechanika has some very nice Master Images of the upcoming Chompbot Model.  It looks like a fun project.  No release date yet, but they do have a form you can fill out to get notified.

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Robot Kit

I have recently begun tinkering with robot kits and making robots in my garage.  As an SF junkie it has been a great way to bond with my 7-year-old, and stay connected to my inner 7-year-old as well.

I am having serious covet attacks while looking at EZ_Robot’s Kit.  It will be my next robot purchase.*  I can certainly see a lot of options for adapting it to existing toys and models lying around the house.


* I am not shilling, only enthusing.  I have no monetary relationship with them (until I buy one of their kits).

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