Chompbot Print Master Images

Industria Mechanika has some very nice Master Images of the upcoming Chompbot Model.  It looks like a fun project.  No release date yet, but they do have a form you can fill out to get notified.

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Robot Kit

I have recently begun tinkering with robot kits and making robots in my garage.  As an SF junkie it has been a great way to bond with my 7-year-old, and stay connected to my inner 7-year-old as well.

I am having serious covet attacks while looking at EZ_Robot’s Kit.  It will be my next robot purchase.*  I can certainly see a lot of options for adapting it to existing toys and models lying around the house.


* I am not shilling, only enthusing.  I have no monetary relationship with them (until I buy one of their kits).

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50 Kilo Lego Battlestar

These images show an incredible attention to detail.  It boggles my mind.  Many kudos to Garry King, the creator of this massive LEGO Battlestar Galactica Valkyrie.

50.3 kilos of pure LEGO.  You could crush a small animal with a thing like that.

via Technabob

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SF Model Kallamity’s Kastor

Kallamity’s Kastor is a beautiful looking model that is now available for pre-order over at Industria Mechanika.

Each kit comes with a set of 4 Kastor Art Cards with Illustrations by Scott Roberson, Ian McQue, Daniel Comerci, and of course Luca Zampriolo!

What’s not to love?

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