A Snow Crash Movie?

YT From Snow Crash by Ruben Devela

Giant Freakin Robot has a piece about the director who will be working on a movie adaptation of Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson’s genre-creating novel from way back in 1992.  I have no real opinion on the director, but I really hope he can capture the sprawling, chaotic awesomeness that was the novel.  I fear that the limits of the movie form will mean that 98% of the novel will be lost in favor of a basic action movie with SF flavors.  It would be better as a trilogy, but that is perhaps too much to ask.

I’m not sure how any of Stephenson’s novels would make the transition to the screen, to be honest.  Though the The Baroque Cycle would make for a hell of a television serial.  (Oh please god do not let them make a movie out of those books).


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True Skin Trailer: Cybernetic Bangkok

TRUE SKIN TEASER from H1 on Vimeo.

The imagery in this trailer is very reminiscent of Blade Runner. There is no way to discern what the story will be about from the trailer, but I love the overlap of cybernetics and robotics with the poverty and grit of Bangkok.  The trailer alone makes a fantastic impression just as a short film.

The producers have promised a full (12 minute) feature this summer at their site on Vimeo.  My understanding is that they are hoping to parlay that into a full length feature movie production.  If it is as cool as this trailer, I wish them luck.

via Giant Freaking Robot

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