Coming soon… Sci-fi Posters!

We are excitedly working away on a new project that will launch in a few months. Rocketship PJs is developing a poster series – that will start with one of the great science fiction classics: H.G. Wells’ ‘The Time Machine’.

It’s amazing to think that ‘The Time Machine’ was first published over 120 years ago in 1895. H.G. Wells is credited as being the first writer to really explore the concept of time travel in writing – I wonder if he knew he was creating such an evocative idea that would continue to live on in the imaginations of future generations.


But back to the posters – they’re gonna be really sharp. Hand-pulled screenprints on nice thick, acid-free paper, something to make the heart of collector go boom-boom.

We’ll keep you posted – stay tuned…

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