Open Source Automated Sentry Guns

Anyone who every played Half Life can agree that these autonomous sentry guns are both cool and very scary.  It is also cool and scary to know that Project Sentry Gun has plans, software and instructions on how to make your own device available for free.  Yes, all the turrets are for paintballs and airsoft guns, but it wouldn’t take much of a tinker to convert them to real, scary guns. It wouldn’t take much of a prison budget shortfall to configure these to create ‘no mans lands’ around prisons, rather than using human guards.

The wistful voice of the turret in the demo video does not help to reduce the creepiness at all.

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One thought on “Open Source Automated Sentry Guns

  1. This situation sstegugs a scenario. Someone wants to commit suicide. To that end, he programs the robot. Robot performs this program and kill the author program, but:1. Robot does not stop, and continued to kill.2. The program comes to other robots, which are also beginning to kill, carrying out this program. Around the world, millions of such robots

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