Retrospective on Isaac Asimov has a retrospective article on Isaac Asimov in their Prophets of Science Fiction series.

Asimov grew up in a time where robots were portrayed as crazed mechanical monsters bent on destruction. He had a fondness for pulp science fiction and he began to think of more positive aspects for robots. After all, if the population blindly used other mechanical devices without a second thought (like a blender or radio), then why can’t humanity embrace the same for robots? Asimov imagined a world where robots were helpers and not adversaries.



The shear quickness of the advancement of robotics from when Asimov started writing about it in the late 1930’s goes to show that Asimov did have a finger on the pulse of technology and used this knowledge to show a more benevolent world with mankind working and living hand in hand with technology unlike other writers of the genre.

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